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Who we are


GRESOL KIDS emerges from the commitment of Gresol International-American School to expand its project in the 0-2 year-old age, promoting multilingualism and creative development from a baby.

Our model

Children that start early in multilingualism show an improvement in neural connections from the first years of their lives. For this reason, in their subsequent academic career, they show greater ease in changing from one language to another or in performing some mental skill tasks better.
Aware of the importance of starting this stimulation from the first days of the baby’s lifes, there is a commitment to expand our project in the 0-3 years stage. This is how GRESOL KIDS was born.


Gresol Kids Nursery School is authorized by the Terrasa City Council and by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya under code number 08058714. We are regulated by the inspections of the Department of Education.

Meet our team

Sònia Tudela


Yolanda Moral


Paqui Sabidó


Laura Bigordá

P0 Teacher (Ducks)

Megan Johnson

P1 Teacher (Stars)

Rebeca Dupe-Flett

P2 Teacher (Farmers)

Sol Stankeviciute

Art Teacher

Anna González

Music Teacher

Gisela Guasch


Cati Casas


Sergio Montoro

Services & maintenance