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by doing

Stimulating interest, senses, and emotions
is essential in the early stages of learning.

At Gresol Kids, we provide the tools for a full creative development. Sounds, colors, rhythms, and timbres are associated through an innovative method of musical stimulation and playing. And that contributes to enhancing emotional intelligence. Gresol Kids provides an environment of safety, happiness, and constant stimulation. English is the language used, so children accustom to its sonority and familiarise them with it. Learning English promotes multilingualism in their future academic careers.

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What we offer to kids & families

100% in

English is the vehicle language of our center and is part of the daily routine of children. We have native tutors to prepare our little children to be multilingual and integrate English as one of their mother tongues.

sensory classes

In Gresol Kids, we foster the methodology of Loris Malaguzzi (Reggio Emilia) not to limit the creativity and imagination of children. Through art, we favor in our students the motor, linguistic, cognitive, social, and emotional development of children. A teacher with a degree in Fine Arts and a degree in that methodology teaches the artistic activity

sensory classes

Music is one of our fundamental pillars because we believe it must be present in the awakening of the senses and emotions. Our teachers have a superior degree in music and extensive experience in stage 0-3 years.


“Tell me and I forget it. Teach me and I remember it. Involve me and I learn it”. Benjamin Franklin defines perfectly, with one of his most famous education quotes, how experiences are fundamental to developing an understanding of the world around. Children learn by exploring their surroundings, manipulating materials, touching, feeling.

our teachers

Our families

It’s a nursery school with a very close treatment. Their teachers are great professionals and make all the children feel very special! Their educative projects are very appealing, and children learn a lot! They speak in English, and they work on music, plastic arts, psychomotricity, and habits, among others! I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to bring my older son there. Soon I will bring there the little one!

Anna Miró


Bilingual nursery: why choose one?

This is a question that parents are stricken with when deciding on what nursery school they want to take their son or daughter. It is normal to think that perhaps it is too early for the children to start studying a foreign language. However, at Gresol International-American School, we are convinced that nursery school is […]

First swimming lesson!

Some families expressed their interest in taking a swimming course during school hours. A proposal that has come true this week.

All around me, a project to discover, explore and experience

We would like to inform you of our first great project: ALL AROUND ME.