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Bilingual nursery: why choose one?

This is a question that parents are stricken with when deciding on what nursery school they want to take their son or daughter. It is normal to think that perhaps it is too early for the children to start studying a foreign language. However, at Gresol International-American School, we are convinced that nursery school is a superb time for children to play, have fun, and learn. Therefore, we have compiled some reasons to choose a bilingual nursery school.

  • The flexibility of their brain favors all kinds of learning. It is well known that a healthy brain is one that practices more, and bilingualism is a fantastic method. In the initial years, we speak about little geniuses.
  • A bilingual nursery school responds to a social need because we live in a multilingual and multicultural society. With a bilingual nursery school such as Gresol Kids, children begin to access this society from their early years, breaking down barriers.
  • The sooner the learning of a language begins, the greater the domain of such language will be, and more security will find our sons and daughters in the future. Despite the belief that learning a foreign language could generate confusion on kids, studies strongly confirm that another language is beneficial for children in many ways.
  • Learning a second language allows students to develop communicative and creative skills, as well as working out well for cognitive processes such as attention or memory. Similarly, the normalization of another language makes them more open to cultural diversity.

Gresol Kids, trusted bilingual nursery

The fantastic professionals who are part of Gresol Kids are teachers who have the capacity, flexibility, and know-how to inspire and motivate their students. The objective they have is to teach the children to enjoy education so that it is something that will accompany the little ones throughout their lives. Children are the absolute center of attention when configuring classes and activities, always without forgetting other aspects of education such as personal, social and moral development.

The methodology used in our bilingual nursery school is innovative, being at the forefront of the most beneficial trends for students, which not only help them to develop a foreign language but also allows them to start developing other capacities such as multiple intelligences, creativity or ability to concentrate.